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Gifford Children's Choir Begins

Meet the Directors

Timothy Keith Griffin, Jr. is first a proud Baritone that loves every bit of sharing his voice with the youth and helping the youth to find their own voices. He is now completing his 3nd year as a teacher and is proud to have started with Gifford Elementary of Racine Unified and been named 2013 Gifford PTA Teacher of the Year. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Parkside with a B.A. in music, certification in Choral and General Music Education and a concentration in Vocal performance under direction of Dr. James Kinchen, Jr (director of Choral activities) and Ami Bouterse (director of voice and Opera). 

This past summer, Mr. Griffin attended DePaul University in Chicago to finish level 2 certification in the music education pedagogy Orff - Schulwerk. He may return to finish certification in July but he hopes to, simultaneously, begin graduate study. 

Mr. Griffin remains very active in the community. He is currently the Choral director of Boychoir East of Milwaukee Children Choir.   He is the past choral director of Kiwanis Youth Symphony of Racine and of First United Methodist Church of Racine. He can be found singing in the UW-Parkside community choir, Master Singers, this spring. He has acted as the coordinator of the Wisconsin Choral Director’s Association All-State Children’s Choir of 2013 and 2014 for the All-State convention held in Milwaukee in January. He is, also, currently the Co-Director of Children's Choir of teh Internet

In his free time, Mr. Griffin enjoys dancing Salsa, learning Djembe, drum kit, and Guitar at Old Town Folk Music in Chicago, gaming with friends, illustration and design, and giving voice lessons. 

Mr. Griffin’s next steps will be to finish Orff Certification, explore several world music drumming and dance workshops, gain fluency in the french speaking language, build a voice studio and expand choirs with Milwaukee Children's Choir and Our Musical Life..

Contact me: / (262) 496 - 4233 (cell)

Personal Included

Jack Senzig is the executive director of Our Musical Life Inc. and Co-Director of Children’s Choir of teh Internet. Jack is at the cutting edge of leading choirs in a modern world. He has learned to market his ensembles successfully online and has directed many viral choir videos. He is the director of the Gifford Children’s Choir which he led to become the second most watched elementary children’s choir in the world on YouTube. His choir’s performances have been shown on G4 TV, Know Your Meme, the Escapist Magazine, Hypervocal, Kotaku, Time Magazine online and made it to the front page of Reddit and Digg. His videos have received over 50 YouTube honors.

Jack is also very active in his professional community. ChoralNet is the largest network of choral directors, composers and choirs in the world. Jack serves on the 7 member advising board for ChoralNet, and writes a weekly article for the website. He is the owner and editor of the most active ChoralNet community, the Composers of Choral Music. Jack created a marketplace for the display of the best work of his 400 members and strives to make connections between composers, the conductors who program new music and music industry leaders such as JWPepper, Sheet Music Plus and ChoralTracks.

Jack is the author of Choir Director’s Brag Blog, a site for sharing choral repertoire through the categorized display of choir videos. Jacks blogs have received hundreds of thousands of views and his videos have been seen 3 million times in 205 different countries. Jack has also become an expert in appropriate internet use by public employees following a nationwide political cyber-bullying incident he was the target of. Jack is available to inservice school districts and businesses on this topic.

Jack is a vocal music teacher at Gifford Elementary where he directs choirs including grade level choruses and The Gifford Children’s Choir. He is the former director of AppleChor and ApplePeal.