Mitchell Students please remember that we have more than 20 days of school left.  This time will be spent LEARNING!  Teachers will take you outside or to the computer lab for fun when your class has earned this privilege. 20 days times 6.5 hours a day equals 130 hours of learning time left.  Let's make those minutes count!

_______________________________   Best wishes to our Symphony Band who are heading to the Big Apple next week to take part in the Heritage Music Festival!

   We know you will represent Mitchell and Racine with beautiful music and wonderful leadership!

Reminder to all our students.  All food must be eaten before you enter the school building.  You must eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria only.  No food in hallways!  If you are walking with food or drink any adult can and will take it from you and throw it out.

Remember we have a Pocket or Lock it policy at Mitchell Middle School.  Any adult has the right to take your phone if you have it out.  You will get it back at the end of the day.

Our track team is already preparing for their upcoming meets.  See the main office for details or Mr. Brooks!